Tips for Choosing Your Chistmas Lights

It’s that time of the year again when we pull out those boxes labeled “Christmas Decors”. Along with the Christmas decors are the bright Christmas lights that highlight the Christmas tree and the decors on it.

Many would think that buying Christmas lights is as easy as one trip to the mall and choosing from the full stack shelves. This is true for many but if you’re the type who wants the best and something that can last and would fully serve its purpose then you have to think about the following before picking your Christmas lights:

  • Incandescent or LED?
  • Is there a particular bulb style or shape you need to choose that will work well with your décor?
  • How many bulbs or how long do you need?
  • What color will best compliment my décor?

Incandescent VS. LED

 Incandescent lights are cheaper and often would have a warm glow while LED are priced higher however it offers long lasting capacity with low power consumption. With LED lights you can choose from warm or cool light glow.

Bulb Styles

  1. Mini strings is a popular type of Christmas lights. Over the past few years people prefer this because with its size the bulbs are very much obscure from sight and when it lights up it looks like there are no bulbs at all and the lights just magically appeared.
  2. Wide Angled LED Lights low profile and cone shaped. While this is bigger than the string lights the size allows it to provide more light.
  3. Large Bulb Lights are Christmas Lights from the past. If you want to achieve a retro look for your Christmas tree and decors this light is the right thing to buy.
  4. Animated and Color Changing lights are what you can call happy and jumpy lights. Who would not want their trees to be colorful?
  5. Net Lights are popular for outdoor use because they are made to take the shape of the object they are draped on. Want make your shrubs and garden trees look lively? Then net lights are the right one for you.
  6. Icicle Lights gives the illusion of snowfall and winter. Who does not equate Christmas with winter? If you want to achieve a whimsical vibe for your décor you definitely have to go with this type of light.
  7. LED Rope Lights are your greeting lights, why? Because they are mostly use for doors and arched entrances. What a great way to greet Christmas carolers and visitors right?
  8. LED Projection Spotlights will let you avoid the struggle of untangling those long strings of lights. You just plug on an outlet, point to your tree then VOILA! A beautiful display of lights.

How Many Strands

While the number of lights and strings of lights is based on personal preference you still have to take into consideration bulb spacing and string length. Remember that bulbs that are too close to each other will not look good from a far. It will greatly help the overall look of your décor if the lights and the décor is balanced and does not overshadow each other.

The Right Color

If you are the classy type you can go with either cool whites or warm whites. They are safe choices too because they blend with almost any type of décor. For those with playful personalities and parents with young kids going for colorful and cheerful dancing lights is always the right options.

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