How to win the battle against your Christmas lights

Setting up the Christmas tree is easy, hanging the decors are fun but admit it arranging the Christmas lights is a great ordeal.  Many of us experienced trying to beautifully hang strings of Christmas lights all around the newly decorated tree but after 45 mins you look at the set up and realized “ughhhh! Something is not right, the lights just look weird.”

Well don’t worry there is hope, below are some tips you can do to help you conquer those pretty but scary string of lights!

  1. Before purchasing make sure you know exactly how many bulbs you need. Decorators would recommend 100-150 mini lights per foot.
  2. Lay your lights on a flat surface and plug to make sure all the bulbs are working. It won’t be fun if you spent the last hour arranging the lights and found 1 bulb not working.
  3. Whenever possible keep the lights plugged while you arrange it on the Christmas tree this will give you a preview of how the arrangement will look.
  4. Instead of wrapping the lights around the tree, weave it around the tree in triangular sections. Start from the top going down to the bottom of the tree.
  5. Place the lights 3-5 inches away from the tip of the branches. Take extra care not to overlap the cords to create a clean look. To make the design look natural you can put some lights deep into the branches.
  6. If you are about to add another set of lights make sure that the area where the connection was made is tucked deep into the tree to make the gap in lights unnoticeable.
  7. If you want to fix some lights to hang properly on the branches you can use wires to tie the lights onto the branches.

Start trying these simple steps and for sure you will see the difference!

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