Decoration your Christmas Wreath

Your Christmas tree is not the only thing that needs your love and attention this season, those bushy and round door greeting buddies needs a little boost too. Want to make your Christmas wreaths as festive as these:





Here’s some tips for decorating your wreaths

1. Do not unwrap all your lights initially. Best to keep them in a small bundle so that you can easily pass the bundle in and out the wreath holes.

2. Make sure you have 1 inch increments in between lights to make the design look really even.

3. You can use floral wire to fix the placements of the lights on the wreath. Twist the ends of the wire and tuck neatly under the bushy areas of the wreath.

4. Make sure that the light placement ends at the bottom of the wreath for easy plugging

5. Fluff the wreath foliage to make it spread and help you hide the wires and loose floral wires.

6. And to disguise the wire from the wreath to the outlet you can paint the wire similar to the color of your wall.

With these 6 easy tips you can make your wreath look really vibrant. Remember you place this as centerpiece on top of your fireplace and it greets your visitors right at the front door so it is very important they give a really great impression!

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