Decorating your table with Christmas Lights

Who says Christmas lights are for trees and ceilings only? You can definitely use Christmas light to give more drama and elegance to your Christmas dinner table setting. What’s best is that you can do this not only for Christmas but certainly on all types of occasion. Here’s how you can start decorating your table:

Choose your main centerpiece – This is the first step because everything will revolve around the theme of your centerpiece. You can use flowers, trees and branches. These are popular centerpieces for Christmas. For other occasion you can choose depends on the theme for example if its Thanksgiving you can use pumpkin Jack-O-lanterns.

If it is for Christmas dinners make sure you add something that will sparkle and compliment the sparkling lights that you will complete this set up. You can use glittery Christmas balls or ornaments. Figurines will also do not only for Christmas setting but also for other occasions for example Cherubs for valentine’s day dinner setting.

Make sure your place settings compliment the color and theme of your centerpieces. If you use red and gold lights then the same hue should be used for the place settings.


Finally make sure to light up the rest of your dining room. To achieve an elegant dining setting makes sure that the rest of the room has also that beautiful sparkle.


With the tips provided above your Christmas dinner will surely be enjoyable specially when shared with good friends and family.
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